How many photos do we get with each rental?

Your photos are unlimited, unless mentioned. There are also a per ticket basis

Can I get my templates backdrop and/or start screen personalized?

Personalized templates and start screens are included in the rental price. Backdrop are an additional fee

Do you Travel outside the Memphis area?

Of course! Yes we will travel anywhere you need us. Venues that are more than 50 miles away will incur a travel fee

Why do Photo booths cost so much?

Photo booths are are actually priced fairly compared to conventional event photography. This based on each photo printed. If an event photographer stood and took pictures for 1 hour. The rate would probably be around $5-$10 per photo for the average guest total of 50-100 guests.  Given time and guests total. They would average around 50 guests per hour. That would total between $250- $500 in one hour! Our photo booths are priced below this average, with $250 being the top rate for our most expensive booth rental. Based on this equation, renting our photo booths are not only reasonable, but cost effective!