The Revolution

The 360 Booth (The Revolution)

Part of the 360 Experience

This is latest and the GREATEST. do you have guests that are afraid of stepping on the typical round platform? Some guests have a hard time stepping on these booths. Especially wheelchair bound guests. Well we thought about those guests also! They wanna have fun also. This booth was designed for them! there's no platform to step on, they stay on the floor! I can also accommodate even more people at one time. Up to 12 people!!! This is truly a game changer.

This booth comes with the following Options:

  • Surround Lights
  • Oversized Props
  • Round Led Carpet
  • Crowd Control Stanchions
  • Full time Attendants
  • Video Display Screen
  • "no Internet" Sharing


Hours /cost
  • 2 hrs. Rental - $700
  • 3 hrs. Rental - $975
  • 4 hrs. Rental - $1200

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