The 360 Booth (The Rock & Roll)

360 Booth Rental

This is truly a professional 360 experience. Wanna see yourself on the BIG screen? We got ya! You will be the life of the party.  Enjoy all the videos on our display for the time of your life!  We will never ask you to use your cell phone to operate our booth, Instead, we use a high tech 5k camera and a 40 inch display to capture you and guests at your best!

This booth comes with the following Options:

  • Surround Lights
  • Oversized Props
  • Round Led Carpet
  • Crowd Control Stanchions
  • Full time Attendants
  • Video Display Screen
  • "no Internet" Sharing

360 Booth (EXPERIENCE)

Hours /cost
  • 2 hrs. Rental - $500 (Special)
  • 3 hrs. Rental - $750 (Special)
  • 4 hrs. Rental - $1100

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