Selfie Photo Booth Rental

Our Selfie Photo Booth Rentals are designed to preserve cherished moments and cultivate a sense of delight while promoting social connection, ensuring that your event is a memorable experience for all.

Selfie Station Print/Digital Booth

The Selfie Station Photo Booth Rental is a beautiful addition to all events and produces high-quality photos that can be used as Favorites, marketing material, and memories that last a lifetime.

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The Ultimate Selfie Photo Booth Experience

Presenting the Selfie Photo Booth, our latest photo booth designed to encourage social interaction! Crafted with a focus on social media and sharing, the selfie picture booth features a radiant ring light and a user-friendly touchscreen interface, making selfie booth rental an instant crowd-pleaser. Its compact size allows for easy mobility, whether indoors or outdoors. With its simple and intuitive design, guests of all ages can effortlessly use it, and its adjustable head ensures that everyone can strike the perfect pose.

All-Inclusive Package

Experience An Unforgettable Event With Our All-Inclusive Selfie Photo Booth Rental Package. Our Selfie Picture Booth Capture Every Moment With The Best Snapshots Possible. selfie station photo booth

Customize Your Photo Booth

Elevate your package with these extra features to ensure your event is exceptional.

Custom Printed Backdrop

Bring your vision to life with a custom-printed backdrop that complements your event's theme.

Green Screen

Choose from various digital backgrounds to add a unique and dynamic touch to your photos.

Branded Booth

Showcase your brand with a customized back panel featuring your company logo, perfect for corporate events.

Custom Print Design

Our skilled design team will create exclusive print designs tailored to your event's style, from elegant to quirky.

Glam Look

Treat your guests like celebrities with our Glam Look option, offering top-notch makeup and styling services.


Preserve cherished memories by creating a personalized scrapbook with heartfelt messages and candid moments.

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Selfie Photo Booth Rental For Events

Elevate your event’s excitement with our Selfie Photo Booth Rental! Perfect for weddings, corporate gatherings, or any festive occasion, our selfie picture booth adds a fun, interactive element. Guests will love snapping unlimited, customizable photos with playful props and varied backdrops. Each photo can be tailored to your event’s theme, incorporating names, dates, or logos. Our hassle-free selfie booth rental setup, operated by a friendly attendant, ensures a smooth experience. Create lasting memories and give your guests a unique keepsake with our selfie booth rental!

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Our selfie station rental  often enhances various events, such as weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and school functions. Our selfie picture booth offers a fun and interactive way for guests to capture memories.

The selfie station rental typically features a touchscreen interface for easy operation. Guests can take photos, often with customizable backgrounds or filters, and receive instant prints or digital copies.

Selfie photo booth rental packages usually include the photo booth machine, props for fun photos, a backdrop, unlimited photo sessions for the rental duration, and an attendant for assistance. Some selfie booth rental packages may offer additional services like custom photo templates or online galleries.

The space required can vary, but a 6×6 feet area is generally sufficient. It’s essential to ensure the location is near a power outlet and has adequate lighting for optimal photo quality.

Many selfie station rentals offer customization options, such as adding event names, dates, logos, or themed graphics to the photo templates. This can be discussed and arranged before the event.

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