Behind the Scenes: Setting Up Your 360 Photo Booth Rental in Jackson, TN

In Jackson, Tennessee events can become memorable through providing guests with unforgettable experiences. A popular addition is 360 photo booth rental; this service captures every angle to capture memories in an engaging and interactive manner. RocDaParty specializes in offering these immersive photo experiences at every event they host, making every event truly remarkable! Check out this behind-the-scenes look at a 360-degree photo booth rental from them here.

Step 1: Selecting the Right Package

As the first step in setting up a 360 photo booth rental Jackson, TN, selecting an appropriate package from RocDaParty’s selection can be daunting. From Classic to Premium packages, RocDaParty has something suitable for every event’s size and requirements; Classic includes unlimited photos with custom graphics and an attendant, while Premium adds 360 video booth and prop box capabilities to the Classic package features.

Step 2: Choosing the Perfect Location

The next step in your photo booth rental planning is selecting an ideal location. RocDaParty offers portable 360 photo booths that can be set up virtually anywhere you choose, making them easily accessible. Their team can work with you to identify an optimal spot, ensuring guests can access it without disrupting its flow during events.

Step 3: Customizing the Experience

Thirdly, personalizing the photo booth experience is important. RocDaParty allows you to customize your photo booth graphics according to the theme of your event, from background designs and props to backdrop options such as sequins, solid colors, and patterns—everything that adds that personal touch will help bring out its full potential!

Step 4: Setting Up the Photo Booth

The fourth step of setting up the photo booth involves arriving early at your venue to set it up, with RocDaParty’s team arriving beforehand to install and set up. This process typically takes around an hour; your booth is ready for use once complete! RocDaParty will ensure everything works as intended before leaving your venue.

Step 5: Enjoying the Photo Booth

Step four is enjoying your photo booth. After it has been set up, guests are free to use it, with RocDaParty’s booth attendant always on hand to assist them in taking and using pictures instantly shared on social media platforms like Instagram. Plus, each event comes with its USB drive containing all event photos, so guests can relive those special memories long after the event ends!

Final Thoughts

Renting a photo booth can add the perfect finishing touch to any special event, and with RocDaParty’s 360 photo booth rental services in Jackson, TN, it couldn’t be simpler! From selecting the right package and customizing the experience to working with our team to deliver a memorable photo booth rental service experience for your guests, RocDaParty can ensure it happens seamlessly and effortlessly, giving your next event unforgettable memories for years! Don’t wait any longer. Contact us now and make it memorable!