What Is The 360 Photo Booth Rental Price?

If you’re looking to host an event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests, you should consider incorporating a 360 photo booth. If you’re considering renting a 360-degree photo booth for your next event, you may be wondering how much it would cost. Well, give you an overview of the costs in this post utilizing the affordable services of RocDaParty as a point of comparison. 

Pricing Structure of 360 Photo Booth Rental

RocDaParty provides a range of rental options to accommodate diverse needs and price ranges. A rental-length-based pricing structure ensures affordability and flexibility. 

Two-Hour Rental: This package is ideal for shorter events and offers a special rate of $500 for a two-hour rental, making it perfect for corporate gatherings or birthday parties where you’d like to add a special touch without making a big commitment.

Three-Hour Rental: This rental is perfect for larger corporate events or wedding receptions, lasting up to three hours, and costs $750. More visitors can now take their time and enjoy the experience. 

Four-Hour Rental: The four-hour rental is the ideal choice for maximizing guest enjoyment and participation at large-scale events. It costs $1100 but it can manage bigger parties and guarantee that everyone has a good time. 

Factors Influencing the Cost

The rental price for a 360 Photo Booth can vary depending on several factors.

Duration: As mentioned the cost of renting the booth will increase with the length of time. Longer rentals, however, offer more value per hour. 

Event Location: Travel expenses could be extra depending on how far you are from the service provider’s location. 

Additional Features: The final cost may vary depending on the customizations offered by certain providers, such as branded overlays, social media integration, or extra interactive elements. 

Why Choose a 360 Photo Booth?

By offering guests a distinctive form of entertainment and a keepsake a 360-degree photo booth rental elevates your event. Because these booths can create social media-friendly shareable content your event will be more enjoyable and engaging. 


The inclusion of a 360-degree photo booth, which offers guests a unique and enjoyable way to capture memories, would be extremely beneficial for any kind of gathering. The flexible rental rates offered by RocDaParty enable hosts to offer their guests an exciting experience that suits their budget and type of event. Consider the dynamic capture of a 360 photo booth if you want to make your next event one to remember. Visit our website or contact us right now for more details or to schedule your rental. Your guests will be grateful for the amazing experiences you provided!